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Zotero book on its way


Just as I was wondering when there would be such a thing, here’s the news: Jason Puckett, blogger over at Librarian X (tagline: with great power comes great bibliography) is writing  Zotero: A guide for librarians, teachers and researchers. If you can’t wait until the ALA Annual conference (June 2011) when publication is slated, you can get a sneak peak at the chapter overview and the bibliography on the page linked in the last sentence.

There are some great Zotero resources on Jason’s Zotero page, well worth checking out.

Hurrah, this site is now Zotero enabled


Zotero is one of the most remarkable bits of free technology out there, in my view.  For anyone who’s ever had to create a bibliography, it saves hours and hours, as well as being a great way to keep track of anything – your books, video collection, web links and so on.  I’ve been an Endnote user for years,  so have been a bit lazy in getting my head round Zotero, but now I’m teaching a course where I’m introducing students to it, so I’m working probably as hard as they are to stay a step ahead.

The thing that I really like about Zotero is the way that certain sites – Amazon is one – have a little icon appear in the RH end of the address bar that you can click in order to create a bibliography entry in Zotero from the item you’re looking at.  It works on library catalogues brilliantly.  In fact, it’s so clever, it’s a bit disappointing when a site doesn’t have this facility available, and you have to click the button inside Zotero instead.

Thanks to The Chronicle of Higher Education, I’ve now discovered the secret of Making your WordPress blog Zotero enabled.  It’s all down to a little plug-in for Word Press called Scholar Press Coins.  Now, fair enough, I can’t think why anyone would want to create Zotero entries for some of the nonsense I populate this site with, but you never know. It’s the fact that you could if you wanted to that I think is really, really cool.