Month: April 2010

  • Ain’t misbehavin’ and other songs

    Here’s a nice site: extraordinarily detailed and well-presented details about jazz standards such as Ain’t misbehavin’. There’s a list of the 1,000 most recorded jazz standards, and very detailed records for the top 300.   For each of these, you find details of the writers, the history of the song, biographies, sound clips, musical analysis,  […]

  • Music at Rambert

    Very nice article about music at Rambert from the magazine of the ISM.  Great to see all the big  topics (what’s music for? how do choreographers & composers work together? who gets the last word? what are the problems?) raised in print.

  • Take the Slovenia / Slovakia quiz

    I thought I was maybe being a bit rude about people who don’t know where Slovenia is in my recent Slovenia post (A Geography Lesson for Mail-Readers), but I feel happier now that I know that even the Slovene tourist board are offering a free trip to the World Cup if you can answer a […]

  • Missing Nutcracker? Have a Cher Dumollet singalong

    I’ve been looking for this for ages, a rendition of the French children’s song Bon voyage cher Dumollet, the contredanse-like bit in Act 1 of The Nutcracker which is usually danced by children. Here it is: And if you’d like to singalong and learn the words, here’s a children’s Karaoake version: Happy Easter!

  • A geography lesson for Mail-readers

    Have you ever been to Slovenia? I have, four or five times. It’s a beautiful country. Ljubjlana is one of the quaintest, cleanest cities I know. My impression of Slovenians is of a self-assured, intelligent, well-educated, design-conscious nation, benefiting from a strong economy, an almost perfect location in Central Europe (beautiful, temperate, convenient), and a […]

  • Congratulations, Simon Singh

    Delighted to see that Simon Singh has finally won his libel case. It is plain wrong that Singh should ever have had to risk bankruptcy and his career. I’m not even going to go into the details on here, in case the British Chiropractic Association’s lawyers are trawling the net for other people to take […]

Jonathan Still, ballet pianist