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This page is now redundant, as RAD now uses MLA style (hooray!) – but I’m leaving it here just in case you came here by accident. Don’t download and use the stylesheet!

This is the development page for my Zotero stylesheet for RAD house style. Don’t use this unless you’re one of my students.

To install or update the stylesheet in Firefox so that you can use the Zotero Word plug-in to do your bibliography in RAD style, do the following:

  1. Open Firefox. If you’re not viewing this page in Firefox now, copy the URL of this page –  – open Firefox and paste the link into Firefox’s address bar instead.
  2. Viewing this page in Firefox now? Good. Now left-click on this link
  3. If you haven’t yet got the style you’ll get a message saying ‘do you want to install RAD Style Harvardesque’? Say yes/OK
  4. If you have already got the style, you’ll get a message asking if you want to update the RAD Style Harvardesque? Say yes/OK
  5. Next time you use Zotero with Word, you should find that RAD Style Harvardesque comes up as an output-style option.
  6. In Preferences in Zotero, set RAD Harvardesque as your default style for outputting references.

What NOT to do

Don’t try and right-click the link and ‘save-as’ on your computer. Your computer won’t blow up or anything, and you could install the file this way, but it involves several extra steps. Left-clicking the link involves one step, and I’m all in favour of time-saving.

Updating the style

Once we’re happy that the style does all it should, then we’ll see about uploading it to the Zotero style repository – in which case, all updates will be automatic. But in this development stage, you’ll need to keep coming back to the link above randomly or when I tell you.

Latest version

The latest version is 22nd October 2010 – so if you’ve got that, you’ve got the latest version.

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