Daily Archives: December 7, 2011 7:26 am

IT Tips #7: use PureText to strip off unwanted formatting


Yet another copy-and-paste trick this: if you copy and paste text from a website, the likelihood is that it’s got all kinds of fancy text decoration, tables round it, different font sizes and so on, that make it a real mess to unpick if you want to use the text alone.

Steve Miller’s PureText is a free, tiny little program that sits on your PC in the background so that when you want to copy and paste something with all the crap stripped off it, you select and copy the text in question, press the PT icon in the task bar to strip off all the crap before you press paste.

Mac Users: not quite so simple, and there are several alternatives, but this is the one I use: install Quicksilver, then use this Quicksilver Trick (scroll down to the screenshot of Quicksilver to cut to the chase) to automatically invoke format-stripping before you paste.

Thanks to Bruce from Ballet.co who shared the PureText tip years ago – I’ve used it every week since.