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IT tips #5: Grow font sizes with the keyboard in Word


This is really handy when you’ve got just a few words to put on a poster, title page or address label, and you want to get the maximum size possible, but aren’t sure what size font you can go to without splitting the text across lines or going over the page limit. This way, you can just select all the text you want to make bigger, and push it up and down by increments with the > and < keys on the keyboard, and see what works.

1. Select the text you want to make bigger

2. Hold down SHIFT+CTRL (⌃⌘ on a Mac) and press the > key.

3. Watch the text increase in size. Every press of the > key increases the font by a point size

4. To reverse the procedure, keep Shift+Control (or ⌃⌘) down, and press the < key until you get the size you want.