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IT tips #1: Change case of letters in MS Word with a keystroke


Select any text in Word and then press SHIFT+F3
This changes the case for you, from lower to upper or vice versa, depending on what your original sentence looks like. Pressing it again reverses the procedure, but pressing it yet again gives you title caps, for example:

Here’s an example of a sentence with normal capitalization at the beginning

<select text and press  F3 once>


<select text and press F3 again>

here’s an example of a sentence with normal capitalization at the beginning

<select text and press F3 again>

Here’s An Example Of A Sentence With Normal Capitalization At The Beginning

Usage: Really handy when you’re copying and pasting text from a source which has been annoyingly typed in capitals (like addresses, for example).

NB: If you’ve got a Macbook, then press Fn+Shift+F3

Advent calendar 2011: tips from a former Kelly Girl


Back in the 80s, Kelly Temporary Services was called Kelly Girl, and the term ‘Kelly Girl’ was frequently a synonym for anyone employed as a temp.  Kelly were a brilliant company, who used to hold little get togethers for their temps, and they were fun to work for. It was working as a Kelly Girl paid my rent while I was struggling to make ends meet as a musician.  There were quite a few male temps at the time, which is probably one of the reasons that they took ‘girl’ out of the title.

It was during that period that I learned most of my basic computer skills, and I learned them from women – older women (i.e. women who will now be pushing 60). How things have changed. IT is now often regarded in companies as a masculine domain, and there is a myth that if you’re a) a woman and b) above a certain age, there’s some natural reason why you won’t be any good at it.

Since my site advertises itself as being about music, dance and IT, it’s now time for a bit of IT. Not nerdy stuff, but the kind of thing that saves you time to get a life and go and do something interesting.