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Take the Slovenia / Slovakia quiz



I thought I was maybe being a bit rude about people who don’t know where Slovenia is in my recent Slovenia post (A Geography Lesson for Mail-Readers), but I feel happier now that I know that even the Slovene tourist board are offering a free trip to the World Cup if you can answer a few basic questions about the difference between Slovenia and Slovakia in their fun-to-do online quiz.

Missing Nutcracker? Have a Cher Dumollet singalong


I’ve been looking for this for ages, a rendition of the French children’s song Bon voyage cher Dumollet, the contredanse-like bit in Act 1 of The Nutcracker which is usually danced by children. Here it is:

And if you’d like to singalong and learn the words, here’s a children’s Karaoake version:

Happy Easter!