Daily Archives: February 6, 2010 9:29 am

How I got attached to Thunderbird


We’ve all done it – you send an email saying “I’m attaching my essay/file/picture” or whatever, and then if you’re lucky, 30 seconds later, you realise that you’ve sent it without attaching it. If you’re unlucky, you wait 10 days for a response, then get all incensed at the person you wrote to, and say ‘Didn’t you see my file?’ then realise they never got it because you never attached it.

Everyone does it, no matter how intelligent or IT savvy they are. I do it regularly. It’s always struck me that since computers ask you if you’re sure about every other darned thing, why the hell couldn’t they ask you, before you send an email ‘Is there anything you want to attach to this email before you send it?‘. Spellcheck, signatures, virus checks, yes, but the most common error in emailing, no.

Until Thunderbird: in Thunderbird if you write the word ‘attach’ or ‘attaching’ or ‘attachment’ or ‘attached’ (and maybe a few more versions of ‘attach-‘) up comes a little yellow window at the bottom which says ‘Found an attachment keyword’ and then an option to add the attachment or remind you later.

That’s one big step for mankind. Well done Thunderbird.

Thunderbird website: download it and free yourself from Micros**t