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Musical surprises #1: La cumparsita is not a tango


Nope, you heard right. The tango that for most people defines the genre, the dance, the music, the rhythm and everything else about tango, was composed as a little march for marching band – in Uruguay. That’s right, Gerardo Matos Rodriguez, the composer of La Cumparsita (that’s a march, not a tango)  wasn’t from Argentina either.

They know far more about tango than I do, so read all about La Cumparsita on Todotango

Advent Calendar 2009


studioseries6It’s become something of a habit for me to do an ‘Advent Calendar’ of posts on music and dance topics, so this year, I’ve decided it’s going to be musical surprises from the ballet world or broadly related to it.  They’re things which surprised me, if they don’t surprise you, then I invite you to submit something that does in the comments!

Studio Series 6 is an album of excursions for ballet class, out now!