Daily Archives: March 18, 2008 8:01 am

Musings on music, dance & IT…


…is the hastily thrown together strapline that’s been on my site for years. Every now and again – particularly when I drift off-topic onto banana muffins or catsthatlooklikehitler – I wonder whether I was overambitious to think that I could force a connection between those three topics in a convincing way. But then suddenly there’s an occasion like the one photographed below:

Jsmusic at work

This is a rehearsal at the ROH a couple of saturdays ago, where I had left the only copy of the music at home (idiot). Bearing in mind that this was an hour snatched between international flights in everybody’s spare time, not having the music was a disaster.

Fortunately, I’d brought my Macbook with me. Was there a…”wi-fi network anywhere?” interrupts Lizzie, the dancer, before I’d finished my thought “Yes, just go outside the studio and you should be able to use it” So out I go, and hurriedly go to Everynote where I know the score we need is available, and buy it again (fortunately, it’s cheap). All very quick, because I’d already registered with Everynote and got usable credit with them.

It would be too much to ask that there’s a bluetooth printer in the green room (maybe there is?) so I just sat the Mac on the music stand and played from the onscreen pdf. Only thing missing was some kind of USB footpedal that you could assign to the command for ‘next page’, but I coped without.

And there you have it – musings on music, dance and IT in one posting, plus a picture to prove it – with piano, Macbook, wifi hotspots, digitized libraries, internet shopping, choreographer, dancer & studio all part of the story. Snapped on a phone, and transferred to Macbook by bluetooth, resized and blogged on WordPress hosted at siteground. When I say I love technology, this is what I mean.