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Tania Fairbairn


This is December 24th in my Dance Inpirations advent calendar

Woytek Lowski Gillian Cornish John O'Brien Malcolm Williamson Jackie Barratt Pussy (Diana Payne Myers) Christopher Hampson David Wall  
Susie Cooper Daniel Jones Ivan Nagy Wayne Sleep Betty Anderton Harald Krytinar Victor Alvarez Pat Neary
Klaus Beelitz Belinda Quirey Irena Pasaric Mark Morris Thomas Edur Ann Hogben Graham Bond Tania Fairbairn
Picture of Hungarian dancer doing the czardas

Not Tania, but a Hungarian csárdás dancer in Budapest, c. 1991

As it comes to the end of this advent calendar, I’m left with a very difficult decision: I still have all kinds of people I’d love to pay homage to, but advent is advent, and I’ve got to stop because tomorrow’s christmas. So I applied a criterion – it had to be someone, or an event involving someone, which I find myself constantly referring to in conversation with friends and colleagues.

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