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Thomas Edur

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Thomas Edur on tour in Budapest 1993, doing his 'spy' look. Nearly every picture I have of Tom is like this - he improvises anything but a regular smile for the camera! My website hasn’t yet become what I once intended it to be, having been hijacked by exigencies and the mundane, but the fact that it’s here at all is thanks to a conversation with Thomas Edur. Some years ago I was chatting to him & Yat Sen Chang in a corridor at a party, having an animated discussion about musicality. It annoyed me at the time – as it still does now – that in some ways, it’s not that complicated an issue, despite the ink & frowns that are expended on it. All it needs is for people to address it, and in practical terms, keep music and musicality high on the agenda in the studio – what’s complicated & difficult is trying to get it there in the first place. I’ve met plenty of people whose approach to music, musicality in performance, and sensitivity to music is exemplary – Tom chief amongst them – and yet they are not often called upon to share it or discuss it, except for the occasional insight like this one from Thomas in a Radio 3 interview – “I remember being told when I was eight years old; “If you can sing the melody, then you can dance it.”

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